The Mortal Mom Survey

Really quick, before I lose you into the Facebook vortex, would you mind filling out this quick survey. It will help me make sure the content is what you are looking for AND it will help to ensure you feel supported as a #MortalMom. Once the survey is completed you will be given the secret passcode to get in plus a little gift of thanks will be sent to you.
(This information is collected and stored in a secure file and will not be used or shared without your consent. Focused Direction is collecting answers to ensure issues important to you are being addressed and are receiving proper information)
How close do you agree with these statements? *
How close do you agree with these statements?
I am NOT satisfied with the listening and understanding in your house?
I feel Like I am living my life for Them
I am ready to feel excited about life again!
It is important to be in a community of like-minded women
Let me know what interests you: *
Thank you so much for helping me out with the survey, the thank you page and email will have the code for The Mortal Mom Group.   

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