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Moira is highly professional as well as engaging. She has spoken at my school on several occasions, and we have had only positive responses from our parents. She is knowledgeable on a variety of relevant topics, but also knows how to put people at ease, and to spark conversation. She is a wonderful facilitator! ~ Kate Hernandez (GA, School Counselor)

Moira is deeply passionate about improving the lives of both her clients, but also whomever she comes into contact. All of my interactions with her leave me energized! !  ~ Amy Refecca (GA)

Having been a part of An online group and having attended Reiki Level one I can highly recommend Moira and Focused Direction. Moira finds the perfect balance point between challenge and direction, helping me to achieve more and discover new things. ~ Laura Lashmar (GA)

My daughter Marissa and I have both worked with Moira in the past and she is excellent! Her insight and creativity have helped guide me through a new career search, goal-setting and breaking down barriers that were keeping me from realizing those goals. I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels "stuck" in their current way of thinking, or who may want to explore new personal, education or career goals, big or small. She listens and responds with care and honesty to give you the tools you need to move forward thoughtfully and with purpose. If you are feeling like you want to make a change but are not sure how to get there or even begin, Moira can help!  ~ Tricia Borah (GA)

"I reached out to Moira because over the past couple of years I felt, I had lost my identity. I took the summer to work on myself and knew I needed the extra assistance.

I had what I would call a heavy heart. I blamed myself for my past and friendships or relationships that went bad. I  wanted / needed to fix, mend or help most of these relationships so they would thrive; walking happy or feeling above them.

How quickly I saw changes. Realizing your values puts everything else in life, in-line and in-order.  I was able to give to myself for the first time in two years.  I am much happier and focused on the things that bring out the best in me. One way to describe it is, Feeling Refreshed!

Knowing I had a supportive person, I trusted on the other end of the phone allowed me to share the most precious things in my life. I am getting emotional while writing this, so if that does not have anything to say about how much I appreciated her service I don’t know what does." 

 ~ Ali (College Student, MO)

My gut told me that working with you was something I needed to do. I wanted to be happier, learn to deal with stress better and to improve my relationships. With your help became calmer and more equipped to deal with stress and stressful situations.  I feel more confident and able to identify my values and when things go against them.

I really liked your gentle approach.  You gently guided me to come up with the answers on my own.  I found you to be very patient and kind.  I appreciated that I had homework to do and felt like you allowed me to realize things in my own time. I was surprised that many of the answers were within me, and I just needed help to bring them out!

The value I received far exceeded any expectations.  Working with you has been life changing.  You have helped me realize that I need passion in my life in order to be happy.  I don't know how long it would have taken me to get to this realization on my own and I am forever grateful!

This experience has been life changing for me.  With your gentle guiding I was able to uncover a passion for health and made the decision to enroll in school to become a health coach and feel this is only the beginning!

You are really good at coaching, and I'm so glad that you also work with children.  I can see how beneficial it would have been to work with you when I was younger.  I look forward to working with you again!  

~ Sue (CT)

I came to Mrs. Cleary for help with organizational skills and time management. I wanted to find a solution that would actually work before I went off to college. This year, I’m much more organized than I was in previous years, and I’m more on top of writing down my commitments and making to-do lists so that I can visualize how much there is to do in the time frame I have.  

My work with Mrs. Cleary has helped me even more in my personal life, though. I came out with a much firmer sense of self and a clearer idea of my priorities and relationships with others. 

I feel like I better understand myself, and I better understand how to handle conflicts. Her work helped me in school, but there was a personal aspect that helped coach me through some tough social situations and gave me the tools to manage future problems.

I’ve always been a bit skeptical about life coaching and counseling because the counselors I’ve seen before never helped much, and I was hesitant to talk with Mrs. Cleary about personal things. I honestly never would’ve imagined that working with her would have helped me so much. Understanding how my values and priorities motivate me and how that differs from other people’s values has really helped me to empathize more and better deal with conflict.

I think my favorite thing about Mrs. Cleary is that she never treated me as anything less than an equal. There was a clear coach/student dynamic, but she never talked down to me or dismissed anything I said. The whole process was very casual, and it made me feel much more comfortable and open. Also, she always encouraged honesty.

I was not expecting for the coaching actually to have an effect on my life or change the way I thought or acted, so the value greatly exceeded my expectations.

Marissa (17, Johns Creek, GA)

I was hopeful coaching would benefit me, but not very confident.  It took a couple of sessions to really understand the outcome of the Energy Leadership Index. My biggest take away from it was how you assess your energy levels matters more than any events that are occurring. 

It is not easy, but when you start prioritizing your own integrity you a find the right path. In life, it is much easier to try and get second-hand integrity from other people, but it eventually makes you miserable. Miserable enough that it is unsustainable. And unsustainable while terrifying is THE time for opportunity. Moira does a great job subtly forcing you to articulate your own values – not second-hand ones.

After working with Moira, my family is much more peaceful. I see opportunities for growth instead of just worst-case scenarios.

~ Mother of 3 (Johns Creek, GA)

Moira is a great resource for anyone looking for some focused direction in their life. She is a blessing in mine!  So grateful for your guidance. You truly have a gift.

~ Melanie Mims (Johns Creek, GA)

Moira is a great listener and cuts right through the brain fog. If you were ever thinking about trying a coach, you won't be disappointed. I highly recommend her.

~ Michele Brecia (CT)

I think it's really important for people my age to think about this, so often we do everything we can to please others but not ourselves. I also liked how you emphasized the importance of "inner bragging."  Like me, it may help kids realize what they are good at, and if they enjoy it or if they are just doing it because they always have.                                

- Caroline (17, Ashville, NC)

IsIynd Powel (GA)

It is my pleasure to send you more students to talk to you and to receive your kind counsel.

A couple of students are already talking fabulous words for the service you provided them.   I cannot give you enough credit for all of these… Thank you for your partnership and again kind support! 

~ Elizabeth (Parapro)

Case Studies


Client: High School Junior - We will call him "John"

Situation: John had no clue what he wanted to do after High School. He had joined clubs and participated in activities; however, they all fell flat. His confidence and self-esteem were dropping. On top of that he had sibling who had it all figured out.

Sessions: John was open to meeting me, but was still unsure of what we could accomplish. After explaining how coaching worked, I was able to gain his trust and get to the core of his college / career blocks. With gained insight, John was able to view his career assessment with new eyes and ideas. Now that he had a better handle of the possibilities, he sought out the help of his father. John now had two people on his team. Together, he and I worked on what his needs were and ideas to fulfill them. His father then helped to make them a reality.

Outcome: Two months before school let out for the summer John came in with a huge grin on his face. He couldn't stop thanking me for all I had done and how his life had changed so dramatically during our time together. Astonished and proud I explained I was just a tool, he had done all the work. John then told me about the internship, he had landed, as well as being accepted into a summer program in out of state. He still may not know what exactly he will be doing after graduation, but he has gained the life skills of leadership, maturity and confidence to help him in his choices.


Client: High School Senior - We will call her "Jane"

Situation:  Jane came to me torn between doing what she believed she would love and the advice from family about what could get her a better salary. The worry was holding her back. What if… She was wrong, the family was right, nothing turned out right, it was more than she bargained for, will it be just a waste of her time, she needed to start over. It was all just overwhelming.

Sessions: After talking, Jane realized much of what was holding her back was life experiences. To expand her options and world, we began with her interests as well as areas that seemed interesting to her.  We also talked about her values and what was most important. This was our base and brought great discussions when she later took the career assessment.  From our time together Jane was able to see how two individual options could be combined to create a specific goal for her.

Outcome: After doing a little more research on the viability, she came bounding in with joy, confidence, and relief. Jane now knew what her goal was, and what college she would be attending to reach it!