This year's Summer programs for young teens and tweens were developed to be a supplement for the downtimes in June.  When they need and want to do something, but without the heavy commitment of 4+ hours a day.  Something that expands their minds while still being fun and interesting without a heavy commitment.  

I'm really excited to introduce you to 2 programs
focused on your child's emotional wellbeing

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Power Hour

Understanding Your Unique Abilities


It's all about EMPOWERMENT

I'm talking about getting them to feel confident listening to their gut, even when it's different than what all their friends are saying. Learning that speaking up doesn't always mean arguing. And that THEIR OPINION MATTERS! 

As the kids begin to think creatively, they also will begin to ask questions, bringing the topic to life, and creating greater discussion.


At the end of the week each child will have gained: 

A stronger, more confident inner voice
Experience camaraderie and community
Knowledge of their self-worth
Understand and express empathy

Using the powerful Breathe. Think. Create. Technique To Explore:


Day 1: Feeling Visible
Day 2: Believing in Ourselves
Day 3: Should Be vs Want to Be
Day 4: What Friendships Means to Me
Day 5: I Am Me!

I know, I know it's an hour and a half, but we'll be working on Power just for an hour!

June 11-15
Girls: 12:30-2:00
Boys: 2:30-4:00

Grey Owl Mind and Body Studio
6250 Abbotts Bridge Rd
Suite 500
Johns Creek, GA


(10% off ends 5/15 coupon code: GreyOwl

Reiki  for Kids 

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Ages 10-13 (+/-)

This is an entry level class where children will learn to quiet their minds in order to bring about balance throughout the mind & body.  But it is also about empowering kids to know they can help themselves feel better and using what they learn to help others. 

Day 1:

  • The basic understanding of our energy system
  • Be attuned to Reiki energy vibration
  • Learn to use hand positions to bring balance 

Day 2

  • To ourselves and answer questions
  • To each other - staring with family and pets
  • To objects - bedtime comforts, bubbles, plants
  • To rooms - expanding our energy fields 
“I like knowing that when I feel energy in my throat and ears that I should talk to my parents” - Grace, 13

“It was fun, I learned a lot of stuff, my family will like what I have to tell them about Reiki. I LOVE Reiki” - Mac, 15

June 5th & 6th
9:30-11:30 OR 12:30-2:30
Grey Owl Mind and Body Studio
6250 Abbotts Bridge Rd
Suite 500
Johns Creek, GA

$80 for 1st child / $64 for each additional

(10% off ends 5/15 coupon code: GreyOwl



As a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Accredited through the International Coaching Federation and Reiki Master. I believe, by helping people become secure in their identity, they create healthier choices for life, including family, school, relationships, careers, and self-acceptance.