Focused Direction : Reiki for Kids class
Focused Direction : Reiki for Kids class
Focused Direction : Reiki for Kids class

Ages 12-17

This is an entry level class where kids will learn to quiet their minds in order to bring about balance throughout the mind & body.  But it is also about empowering kids to know they can help themselves feel better and using what they learn to help others. 

Here is what students have to say:

The first question I always ask is "What do you hope Reiki was not?"
These are the answers I generally get:

  • That it's like learning in school

  • That it's boring

  • That it's going to be complicated

After 2 hours I ask "How do you feel?"

  • Man, I don't want to rush this

  • It's like all your worries get washed away and aren't so important

  • I am so glad I learned this now before my big meet!

At the end of the day I ask "Do you think this is a class other kids should take?"



  • YES! It's a creative way to relax!

How does Focused Direction get kids interested and engaged?

We teach in a way they can connect to the material without teaching down to them. Students are encouraged to talk out their thoughts and even move because some people learn better that way.

The second half the day is making sure kids feel comfortable using Reiki though out their lives. So, just when they hit their attention threshold we practice with each other, we try out new uses and end with an experiment.


What does bring about balance throughout the mind & body even mean?

Imagine feeling sick, stressed, in pain, anxious or even overly excited. Now imagine a comforting blanket is wrapped around you. At first you still feel these things BUT the way you feel about them is changed. 

You are able to feel more balanced.  

With practice this blanket of Reiki helps to keep things in balance, clears your head and relaxes the body so that healing can occur quicker.

Focused Direction Reiki for Kids Class

"It was NOT as I thought. It was really fun and it really helped" - Kathryn, 13

“I like knowing that when I feel energy in my throat and ears that I should talk to my parents” - Grace, 13

“It was fun, I learned a lot of stuff, my family will like what I have to tell them about Reiki. I LOVE Reiki” - Mac, 15

(Past students suggested a full day was better)
Johns Creek, GA

$90 for 1st child / $72 for each additional Sibling



As a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Accredited through the International Coaching Federation and Reiki Master Teacher. I believe, by helping people become secure in their identity, they create healthier choices for life, including family, school, relationships, careers, and self-acceptance.