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Reiki Level 1

  • Focused Direction Johns Creek, Ga (map)

Usui Reiki

This is the founding form of Reiki as we know it today. There are many other practices which have been developed all with their own take. I would say this is the most basic and best place to start. (My Reiki Lineage) 

In this beginner class, you will learn how to use Reiki in your everyday life. From mediation to relieving stress and pain, it is always there for you. Once you learn this technique you will not only be able to help yourself but those around you.

The beautiful thing about Reiki is that it's a tool that doesn't take extensive training, yet can significantly improve your life: 

Physically: Reduce pain and discomfort
Mentally: Improve clarity and patience
Emotionally: Release suppressed negative energy and anxiety
Spiritually: A stronger connection to the world around you

By the end of the day, you will be able to give it to yourself and others just by holding your hands above an area or laying of the hands all while fully clothed. It can be done while meditating, or at any time you feel it's needed. (Cooking, Driving, Working....)
Knowing all this, how could I not offer you the opportunity to learn and share!

Here’s a note Corrina sent to me:

"I wanted to let you know that I’ve been doing my Reiki self-healing morning and evening since I saw you on Saturday. I’m finding it really powerful – especially when I do my heart and throat positions – a lot of old negative stuff is coming out – and for the first time ever I have been able to let it go."

Reiki Level 1 Class


  • The basics of the history (It's always good to know the how and why)

  • The Attunement which makes using Reiki possible

  • Self-Reiki - Hand positions

  • Giving Reiki - Hand Positions and ideas (possibilities are endless!)

  • Learn to integrate Reiki fully into your life

  • Manual with all the information you will need to begin at home

  • Certification in Reiki Level 1


I want you to know when I first began this practice I was a skeptic, it was different from everything I was taught as "what you do". I attended my first class because

A) I knew I needed more than what coaching could reach
B) I wanted to treat myself to a day that was just for me
C) I was curious what if anything this could do for me

At the end of the 6 hour class I knew this was going to help not only me, but the rest of my family. - I was pumped!

In the first month I felt a purging of "things" that were weighing me down. (Totally normal) Allowing myself to become more relaxed, understanding and empathetic to those around me. All it took was 15 min in the morning and 15 min in the evening!

Price: $150


* Deadline is 48 hours before each course

*Continuing Education Credits for NCBTMB are available - email us at to learn more

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