Welcome to the Peace of Mind Movement

Peace of Mind - Focused Direction

Where women come together online to gain new perspectives on their daily lives and personal struggles.

Change your life without adding to it.  Who is in?

This is a safe place were we can laugh, cry and be our imperfect selves along the way.
We are nurturers and cheerleaders by trade and we share these skills with others.

This is not a traditional support group. 
Here we support each other from a place of empathy, curiosity and camaraderie.

This is the space where we come together to be inspired


Breathe - Focused Direction


Pause for a moment and clear your head, separating from the outside.

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Use tools to develop new thoughts while listening to your gut

Create - Focused Direction


Put your ideas into action
and Create Your Future! 

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SHARING is super important because it allows us to bring those buried feelings to light. Once they are exposed we can decide what we want to do about them! 

This is a membership community

Each month we will be looking at a Topic with fresh perspectives.
No matter where you are in your life each will be relevant. (It may sound crazy but it's true) 



The monthly topic, thought starter worksheet and instructions will be emailed the first Monday of the month. Suggestions and resources for taking a moment to Breathe will be included. 

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Here is the twist! So that we don't answer the questions the same old way, pre-selected images will be waiting for you in a private Dropbox. (The cards themselves look very similar to the images above, including a word) Answer the questions based on the cards you are given. This may be challenging but it's to help you to gain Fresh Perspective!  

Then come to the Member ONLY Facebook Community and SHARE your insights as well as goals. While you are there, see how others are doing and encourage them to find their voices!


I really like answering the questions with the images... it’s kind of fun!
— Sue


This program is for you if: 

  • You're afraid you're ALL isn't enough
  • Life often feels like a struggle 
  • You feel like all your energy goes to work or your family
  • You keep most of the pain inside
  • You are curious what coaching can do for you

And, YES You are ready for things to change
you just need a little help!


The beauty of group coaching is that the price is significantly less than 1:1 and you form a camaraderie with the others in the group. Now, there is the added benefit of it being online so that you can access it based on your schedule!




Cancel any time

Bonus: Breathe. Think. Create. Guide


Deep dive on monthly topics

Private Dropbox for Files

Facebook Community

Monthly Zoom Coaching Call
(replay will be available)

Weekly check-in on goals

Encouragement and Celebration

Confidence in your choices

Tools to use throughout your life

+ other odds n' ends

So simple and yet so powerful!
— Kathy
Some how I always get cards that are perfect for me!
— Tricia
I didn’t expect to get so emotional. I guess I just needed to let it out!
— Maggie


Here is a picture from a recent appearance on Atlanta & Company.  Something I would have missed out on a few years ago BEFORE challenging myself to look at things with a new perspective.


Challenge yourself to go out of your comfort zone and say YES to new experiences!

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Peace of Mind - Focused Direction