Welcome to the Connections Community

I have always loved thinking of new experiences as adventures. The why not! Let's see what happens!

The Breathe. Think. Create. Community, is where women come to
gain new perspectives for their daily lives and personal struggles.

We join as strangers and become a safe place were we can laugh, cry and be our imperfect selves along the way.
We are nurturers and cheerleaders by trade and so we share these skills with others. 

This is not a support group, although we will support each other.
We come from a place of curiosity.

This is the space were we come together to be inspired


This program is for you if: 

  • You're not in crisis mode... but you're afraid your best isn't good enough
  • You're happy... but life often feels like a struggle 
  • You don’t have extra time or money to spend on yourself... because
    all your energy goes to work or your family
  • You keep most of the pain inside... because you don't want to be a burden

And, YES,  it would be wonderful if things could change...
but you just don’t know how to make it happen



Pause for a moment and clear your head, separating from the outside.

Remy Baudouin - Think.jpeg


Using the tools given and your gut develop new thoughts.


Put your ideas into action
and Create your future! 



SHARING is super important because it allows us to bring those buried feelings to light. Once they are claimed we can decided what we want to do about them! 

This Community is a Monthly Membership

Each month we will be looking at a Topic with fresh perspectives.
No matter where you are in your life each will be relevant. (It may sound crazy but it's true) 


The Topic as well as questions + corresponding cards for each question is emailed to you
(The cards themselves look very similar to the images above, including a word)

Suggestions for taking a moment to Breathe


Answer the questions based on the cards you are given. It's done this way to stop you from answering questions the same old way. This may be challenging but it's to help you to gain Fresh Perspective!  

Then come to the SECRET Facebook Community and SHARE your insights as well as goals. While you are there, see how others are doing and encourage them to find their voices! (Advice is not what we need)



  • Monthly Video Group Coaching Calls
  • Private Dropbox for your images so that you can complete this on your time
  • 50% off 1 hour of private coaching
  • You just need to let me know any time you want to stop or pause
  • Most importantly you will know you are completely supported 

We'Ve put everyone else's needs before our own

Leaving little to no time to take care of our needs - Now there is a way to do BOTH

This was the best hour of my week!
— Lori

The beauty of group coaching is that the price is significantly less than 1:1 and you form a camaraderie with the others in the group. Now, there is the added benefit of it being online so that you can access it based on your schedule!


$34.97* (monthly) 

That's only $420 for A YEAR of group coaching!

If you are interested in a coupon just let me know and REceive  
50% off* the first month

So simple and yet so powerful!
— Kathy
Some how I always get cards that are perfect for me!
— Tricia
I didn’t expect to get so emotional. I guess I just needed to let it out!
— Maggie

*Cancel any time before the first Monday of the month by emailing mcleary@focuseddirection.com