"All of those things you have done in the past
have gotten you to where you are today. 

BUT, they may not be what you need
to get you where you want to go. "

- Moira Cleary       

Truer words were never spoken. If you are still living by the rules and beliefs of the past you MAY NEVER get to where you way to go or Be Who You were Meant to Be! 

Together we're going to change that! It might start off scary and even a little ugly but I'm telling you, NO I Promise You in the end you are going to be damn proud of what you discover and what life on your terms looks like!

Moira does a great job subtly forcing you to articulate your own values – not second-hand ones. After working with Moira, my family is much more peaceful. I see opportunities for growth instead of just worst-case scenarios. - Mom of 3

Proactive Practices

(Coaching Only)
Proactively putting into practice what you have only dared to think about.  You create the life you thought only other people have. By the end, you will feel comfortable in your new skin and excited to see how far it takes you.  

Are you ready to:

  • Let go of the past that doesn't fit with today
  • Prepare, not worry about the future
  • Decide what you are tired of tolerating 
  • Un-bottle your opinion so others can hear it
  • Recognize you've outgrown the person you are
  • Create boundaries to stop resentment

And with all this, focus on solutions which create lasting change.

Powerful TRansformations

Coaching with Reiki Program

A powerful combination to support you as you make dramatic internal changes to truly live life on Your Terms.

The same as the Coaching Only Program PLUS: 
(Intro to Reiki Page)

  • 20 minutes distance healing energy BEFORE we talk you will be more open to breakthroughs during the session.
  • 20 minutes distance healing energy AFTER to help with any past or emotional experiences which where discussed. 

This is an additional 5+ hours of healing you will receive without any additional time on your part. 


The value I received far exceeded any expectations. Working with you has been life changing. You have helped me realize that I need passion in my life in order to be happy. I don’t know how long it would have taken me to get to this realization on my own and I am forever grateful! - Sue




For these programs to work we need to be a good fit for each other,
therefore I would love to have a quick call to learn more about you and what is on your mind.