"All of those things you have done in the past
have gotten you to where you are today. 

BUT, they may not be what you need
to get you where you want to go. "

- Moira Cleary       


Find Your Peace of Mind

What happens when we first come to the realization that "This isn't Who/What, I want o be?" We lose our Peace of Mind. I'm here to help you get it back!  We will get rid of the garbage filling your head. Then as you create your new Peace of Mind you will know it to be true. Think of it like taking off all the old wet blankets and feeling lighter and healthier as you breathe in the fresh air.


Moira does a great job subtly forcing you to articulate your own values – not second-hand ones. After working with Moira, my family is much more peaceful. I see opportunities for growth instead of just worst-case scenarios. - Mom of 3


We begin with Find Your Peace of Mind program, then kick it up a notch. You will begin to Live Full Out, proactively putting into practice what you have only dared to think about. We become even more of a team as you create the life you thought only other people had. By the end, you will feel comfortable in your new skin and excited to see how far it takes you. The LIVE FULL OUT program brings sustainable change.  (Are you ready?!) 



These are longer programs and intended to bring about sustainable change

  • Imagine not just knowing you are enough, BUT feeling that you are enough!
  • Believing life actually will go on if you stop doing x, y, and z. BUT seeing the benefits to you and others by not always "doing"
  • Understand why your buttons are getting pushed AND respond from a place of wisdom and control
  • Be able to let go in a healthy way AND enjoy watching others experience life
  • Learn what energizes you AND stay energized 
  • Connect with your Family on a deeper level AND live full out!
The value I received far exceeded any expectations. Working with you has been life changing. You have helped me realize that I need passion in my life in order to be happy. I don’t know how long it would have taken me to get to this realization on my own and I am forever grateful! - Sue



  • Attitudinal Assessment PLUS 1 hour coaching intensive to review the results.  (The information you get back is eye opening, but our conversation around the findings are what brings things into focus.)
  • Weekly Phone Calls lasting about an hour
  • Personalized tools to help you along the way
  • Unlimited Text and Emails


For these programs to work we need to be a good fit for each other,
therefore I would love to have a quick call to learn more about you and what is on your mind.


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