When We Need a Little Focused Direction

You know that feeling. It is like you are caught in slow motion, unable to take action for fear of the "what if" or "not enough" These two forms of fear create battles which distract us from taking meaningful action

Focus and Direction act as guides of clarity, our GPS to the destination.

It is easy to notice when we are in need of them. We often quietly blame the outside world for roadblocks, rationalize why we are procrastinating or maybe even give to everyone else so that we don't have to face the inevitable. (also procrastination it just looks and sounds nicer)

It's overwhelming - There is so much to do, and yet you can't seem to figure out what the best course of action is, because you are so distracted by everything else.

In essence, the lack of focused direction leaves us with too many ideas and so little time. Paralyzed with "could dos" and "should dos" instead of moving into doing. 

Depending on the situation there are ways to gain clarity.

First get out of your head!

Write down all the possibilities/to-dos/etc... into one list. Even talk to yourself as you do it. (Sometimes just hearing ourselves helps)


Solution 1:  

Take some time to look at all the things you just wrote down. 

  • Are there ones that are just so big they need to be broken into chunks? 
  • Are there any that make you uneasy, and you are trying to avoid?

The point of this solution is to understand why you are having trouble committing to a task or direction.  Often doing this leads to a shot of inspirations and courage.

For instance, is there an option so out of the norm you just don't know which direction to go? By breaking it into chunks, you can do what needs to get done NOW instead of jumping ahead to all the possibilities and overwhelm.


Solution 2:

With the same list, write next to them  Have to - Should do - Need to or Want to

  • For all the ones you "have to" or "should do", ask yourself WHY?
  • How can you look at it differently so that it becomes a "want to"?

The reason being the less control you have, the less you usually want to do something. This creates a lack of focus and commitment. By changing our view on it, you can create a reason or the want. 

Those of you who have to carpool kids around at the height of rush hour traffic may view this as a "have to." However, some have learned to view this as time with their kids and after they're dropped off, some needed time just to listen to podcasts, book or think. 

Suddenly this becomes a "Need/Want to" giving them a new focus and something to look forward to.


Solution 3:

Stop the madness. Stop blaming, rationalizing and procrastinating, and JUST DO IT! 

It may be painful to every ounce of your being, and your body may be screaming "NO, Don't!" but do it anyway. 

Take that leap of faith, rip that band-aid off, be courageous and do the thing that is so out of your comfort zone it is effecting everything else!

(This is usually the point in time when I feel like I'm going to throw-up, but don't - and I bet you won't either.)

By taking that momentary leap you had the focus and direction you needed to move with clarity. Whether things work out or not doesn't matter. What does, is that you did something you should be proud of. 

Breaking things down to the core reasons and challenging our views are a great first step.

In doing so you take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, which in turn gives clarity and control. 

With these tools by your side have faith in yourself that you are making the best choice possible at any point in time. 

Take a breath and think about what direction you want to go and do it!  I'm right by your side!




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