To Embrace or Wallow, that is the Question!

Ever just have that moment when you realize you are stuck in a rut?  Whether it be work, daily routine, personal style or relationships.

With a life in constant motion, we often don't give ourselves time to realize what is going on. Yet our lives feel almost like we're trying to run through muck. It's hard, draining, and if you take a moment to look at yourself, it's messy.

So what brings about this epiphany of awareness? The moment we feel the ick (not scholarly, but accurate). You know the feeling when you want to crawl out of your skin and run for the hills!


There are really only 2 things you can do
embrace it or wallow in self-pity?


Self-Pity definitely has its advantages!  

  • Complaining helps to get things off our chest -  It's important to feel heard
  • People naturally want to help us - We get fresh ideas
  • Sometimes friends jump in the pit with us - The more, the merrier!

But when we live there too long we become depressed and lethargic. It is such an awful feeling.


(If this is you, stop reading and seriously send me a personal email to I'm sure we can build a ladder to get you out of the pit!) 


Honestly, when I begin to feel this way it scares me because it means something is off and I don't have the energy to fix it. I almost always need an outside force to shake things up.

Embracing the uncomfortable feeling
when change is afoot is a whole nother story. 

You're ahead of the curve!

  • You have the energy to explore options
  • Acknowledging your needs have changed and that's o.k.
  • The world is your oyster  

The downside is finding the courage to throw caution to the wind and make the change.  Oh but I promise you it is worth it! 

I know that most of us have done an awesome job growing into the roles we have. (whether we like them or not) There is a certain comfortable way we do things that are new.  When you are feeling stuck, and icky this isn't really going to help much. It's time for you to create the role you want to be in and then JUMP! 


No more ducks in a row, crazy research, asking friends or looking for the perfect time



I'll admit, on occasion, this part makes me want to throw-up. But I've noticed the more I live for ME (and not others), the easier this is getting. 


(If this sounds like you send me a personal email I would love to hear it! saying things out loud builds excitement and courage!)


I have been absorbing self-help for the last 20 years, and it wasn't until I was ready to embrace change that things began to shift.

Now I am literally asking my self at every turn "what do I actually want?" 

  • Connect more with people
  • Only wear clothes I love
  • Not to think about what to make for dinner
  • To create myself the way I wish to be
  • Get rid of the stuff that doesn't fit in my world

Basically, shattering the "normal" way of doing things and finding what works for me.  


Making changes is often confusing to others.
You are changing the rules to the game.  


When this happens, there are two things you need to do.

1. Communicate - We are not mind-readers no matter how long we've known each other. Your change is nothing against them(even though they may feel this way); these are realizations of what you need.

2. Have compassion and understanding for the other person just as you'd like it shown to you.

Soon enough things will settle into a new rhythm. 

You are evolving in this life, and things will change. Are you going to embrace or wallow?

I would love to get you started off on the right path by giving you a mini session for free. No strings attached because sometimes we just need to talk to someone!