The Power of Believing

Have you ever looked into the Power of Believing? There is so much to learn. Everything from prayer to Law of Attraction + all that's in-between.

In the past 15 years I've come to realize a few things. The biggest being, I love learning and reading about everything out there to help myself and others. I honestly can't tell you the number of webinars, books, and programs I've gone through because I lost track. 

There is so much information available to us to use as tools to help us.

And that right there lies the problem.

We are either looking outward in prayer and asking OR create affirmations to confirm what we are wishing/hoping for will happen.

Don't get me wrong. It is a wonderful thing to have faith. It is the one thing I do believe 100% in, almost to a fault!

But having Faith
does't mean I believe in myself 100%

In fact, having faith may actually hold me back from even trying, because I'm giving up the power to believe in myself. Lacking the strength at times to motivate myself out of a situation. 

So I ask you: What belief about yourself is holding you back? 

We often hold ourselves back because we MIGHT get hurt, embarrassed, or judged. 

One example I hear from many women is not telling people what they think/feel because they might hurt the other person. 

BUT what the real issue is, is that they would feel pain IF the other person reacted in a hurt manner, which is the same as they might get hurt.  (Right?!)

THIS IS NORMAL! Goodness sakes it is what makes us human! So how can we honor ourselves while still being kind?


I know it's hard! After all, we have so much history with ourselves we know our strengths and weaknesses.

But remember what we choose to see as strengths or weaknesses are choices.

So, I ask you: What would life be like if you believed in yourself 100%?

I'm not asking how you would act if you did, but what life would be like. (Take a moment and think about it.)

You may still have fear or history showing you why you shouldn't. But when we stick with past experiences as the end all be all we deny ourselves the opportunity to learn and grow in a different direction. One where we feel better about ourselves.

The more we listen with strength and courage, the more powerful the belief becomes.

"I would have confidence" is what one person once said to me.

Can you imagine going through a day and whether the choices you made turned out as you expected or not YOU STILL HAD CONFIDENCE because you believed it was the best you could do?!

So I ask: Where in your life do you need to believe more in yourself?

That's a pretty spacious question, after all, we hold ourselves back to the point it is a way of life.

Think of that...
We have given up the Power to Believe in Ourselves, and it is a way of life!


Aren't you tired of that?! I am!

Others believe in us; We pray for belief; We try and attract belief, yet we are unable to decide where to start believing in ourselves.

Until we decide to do what it takes to make that shift internally, we will still be looking for miracles. 

It just takes one step to start. 

So I ask: 

  1. What is one thing you can do in the next 24 hours to help yourself?

  2. What is one thing you can do in the next week to help yourself?

  3. What is one thing you can do by the end of the month?

There is so much more to the Power of Believing in Yourself, but you need to start taking action to know what to do next.

This is the topic in this month's private coaching group (Peace of Mind Movement).  If you would like to download these questions and participate next month just click below! 




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