The Haunting of a Cringe-Worthy Moment

I'm talking about the times when we are going about our merry way then BAM! 

a moment which makes you cringe and wince, pops into our heads derailing us from the present and leaving us to clean up the mess of a past we can't change while figuring out how to leave it behind in order to move on.

At this moment the terrible feeling replays itself as if the event has just taken place. All the feelings, judgments, worries shoot through our bodies making our brains do a quick search of what we can do about it.

Haunting is a good word because until we can turn and face these times head on they will keep returning - Making us relive a most uncomfortable time in our lives. 

I Hate Getting Flashbacks Of Things I Don’t Want To Remember
— Anonymous

This happens to us all and yet no one ever talks about it.  Instead we suffer in silence, pushing it back unto submission while we move onto the next thing. As with all things shedding light on it is exactly what we should do. 

The past will find a way to remind us
until it is addressed. 

1. Take a stand and look at it

  • Is it time to forgive?
  • Why is it bothering/troubling me so much?

2. Notice what has changed since that moment

  • What have I learned?
  • What lesson am I still learning?

3. Decide if it is unfinished business

  • Is it something I need to bite the bullet and take action on?
  • When the time for action has passed and things are left unsaid, often writing or journaling will help to release emotions attached to the moment.


We can't go back and change time.
But what we can do is forgive, acknowledge, and release
those memories which seem to haunt us. 


When we forgive, acknowledge and release old memories it may not change the past, but it will change the way we feel about it. 

Like opening the shades and the windows of a dirty, dusty room.  The fresh air and the sunshine doesn't make it less messy, but it does change the way you feel at the moment when you turn around to look at it again.

If this seems like an impossible task to do on your own, please reach out to me and schedule a free mini-session






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