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To Embrace or Wallow, that is the Question!

To Embrace or Wallow,  that is the Question!

Ever just have that moment when you realize you are stuck in a rut?  Whether it be work, daily routine, personal style or relationships.

With a life in constant motion, we often don't give ourselves time to realize what is going on. Yet our lives feel almost like we're trying to run through muck. It's hard, draining, and if you take a moment to look at yourself, it's messy.

The Power of Believing

The Power of Believing

Have you ever looked into the Power of Believing? There is so much to learn. Everything from prayer to Law of Attraction + all that's in-between.

In the past 15 years I've come to realize a few things. The biggest being, I love learning and reading about everything out there to help myself and others. I honestly can't tell you the number of webinars, books, and programs I've gone through because I lost track. 

There is so much information available to us to use as tools to help us.

And that right there lies the problem.

Tips to STOP the NOISE!

Tips to STOP the NOISE!

Do you ever just wake up one day and realize the world has been screaming in your face? The worst part is you were totally sucked in until that moment.

You minded your own business, barely holding on to all the things you needed to do, and there was a tornado of noise swirling around sucking you deeper and deeper into things that are pulling you away from sanity.

I was recently in this tornado; I have no idea how long. It could have been days or months, it all seems to blur together. But, an outside force came, and it was decision time