Remember to Breathe - Are you kidding me?!

Over the past week, I have heard from busy, tired women that they are having trouble finding or taking the time to breathe. What is worse they say it in a hurried tone and dripping with guilt.  

Let me repeat that  - They feel GUILTY because they are too busy to even pause and breathe! 

Guilt comes from a feeling of

  • Surviving - Doing what it takes to get things done so we can live another day. 
  • Victim - Feeling so overwhelmed, you begin to act lethargic thinking nothing will help

After a day of barely holding it together, you finally sit down feeling exhausted, broken, and numb.  

Holy Cow! How could you NOT feel that way!  It's understandable!

Think of Breathing as a foundation

For me, quick breaths are the very foundation of taking care of ourselves. It is an essential stepping stone in taking care of yourself.

We can easily see the moment in others when they need to JUST TAKE A MINUTE. Yet,  when we need to it is quickly pushed aside as something you can do later!

I'm laughing as I write this because I'm guilty of it too! Which is why the words of my friend and Reiki Master always ring in my head:

— Michal Spiegelman


Think of a busy moment in your life and apply that quote to the thought of just breathing.


How true is it for you? 

If you are like me the first time, I heard it there is a light going off in your head. It was absolutely true.

Now I consciously take a deep breath in through my nose to get some fresh air in my brain. 

Somehow it gives me some new found energy to go on with my day. The pause also strengthens me with patience. Something I think we all could use more of. (Nice side-effect)

When I think about the struggles and the guilt I hear about taking a minute in our day, it's not so much the act of doing it as it is keeping it top of mind.


Would you agree? 


We have trained our brains to always be going or doing and never to stop. So we need to REMIND ourselves it is time.


So, here are easy options

  1. Listen to music with earbuds. (I work with meditation music, and I cook with upbeat) It separates me from my world just long enough to focus on one thing and breathe.
  2. Rubber band trick. Place 2-3 hair ties or rubber bands on one wrist and throughout the day as you notice them, take a moment with a deep breathe and release.
  3. Set a timer on your phone - I know some people do it on the hour and where ever they are they take a moment
  4. When you are stuck in traffic or at a red light make a point of taking a deep breath


There are apps, youtube videos, and coffee breaks - The point is to keep trying until you find something that works for you. 

Ready for the next step?  


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Photo by mauro mora on Unsplash