Keeping my sanity with a busy life

Of course in an ideal world, everything flows smoothly. The ups and downs are just moments in time. We have things to do, but there is no stress because everything that is happening is just as it should be. 


Ahhhhh, can you just hear the birds chirping? The world is perfect! 

Then BAM!

A spider lands on your lap! As you jump up, you trip on the chair, flailing your arms and inevitably fall, twisting your ankle. 

What do you do? 

Become a survivor of the ordeal? After all, it was very traumatic, embarrassing, painful and startling. Even after the incident, you are bound to feel the physical pain. You start to worry that the spider might have bitten you! Clearly, it is time for a pity party.

Do you blame that damn spider!? I mean what the heck! You hate spiders, and this just proves your point of why! Now every time you limp you are going to remember that awful creature. You secretly hope it was squashed under you!

Maybe the rational approach is better.  Taking a moment to cope with what just happened. After a deep breath, you pick yourself up, remembering to get the vacuum out and clean!

But then you decide it would be a fun idea to take care of yourself! First, you warn others there is a crazy spider on the loose, and then you go and reward yourself just because you deserve it! 

That's just when you have a thought. If spiders did have a sense of humor, it's probably dying of laughter from the look on your face!  Why not take a break!

Maybe this was the Universe's way of saying wake-up and hear the birds chirping.

It Comes Down To Choices

I tell this story because when my life is out of control and I'm trying to control everything I usually have a pity party then get mad at what happened.  When my day is going good I can laugh at myself and see it as a sign I need a break.

You see, at every moment of the day, we have opportunities to choose how we react and keep our sanity! Unfortunately, we usually respond based on whatever mood we're in.  In which case we feed that mood even more. It's like that old saying of "waking up on the wrong side of the bed" unless you are going to put an effort into change the day is only going to get worse! 

So let's look at a sample of what is feeding our Sanity:

  • Worry
  • Hectic schedules
  • Always second guessing 
  • Being hungry
  • Lack of sleep
  • Body aches/pains
  • Taking care of others
  • "Handling" things
  • Traffic
  • Stress
  • Allergies
  • Waiting

Don't believe me?

Let's take a lack of sleep:

I've done everything possible to make it through the day. Just when I'm are ready to collapse, someone needs something or dinner needs to be made, or the dog throws up. Basically,  some minor annoyance happens. I'm mentally not there, physically exhausted, spiritually drained, and an emotional time bomb. So I shut down and am curt maybe even a snarky yell. Leaving me feeling guilty on top of everything else.

Sounds like a normal day doesn't it!

This is what I am talking about! When I put a moment of effort into how I want to respond. I can squeak out "I just need a second on the couch first" - Reminding myself to feed the emotion I WANT and not the one I have. 

I need to take care of myself first BEFORE I can tackle one more thing!

Taking a moment creates balance. By focusing on this new goal, we give ourselves a direction to go in instead of EXPLODING! We begin to create boundaries to either protect or support our goal. 

The Big Reveal:

Balance comes as you respond to life by choice, not as you feel.

Dread carpooling because you are going to be in the car for so long. Maybe listen to podcasts on topics you are interested. It's like listening to mini-seminars, and it's FREE

Always quick to say NO! (I know I am) It is o.k. to go back and let them know you thought about it, and these are the reasons why or why not. (People of ALL ages appreciate it!)

Don't get me wrong it is hard to think straight when the mind is mush!  So take those moments when you can to take a breath and choose what you are going to do next! 

If you need a little Miracle, go to last week's blog (How to be a Better Parent) scroll down and download the What's Your Miracle Freebie


As in most things in life, IF you want sanity, then you need to begin making an effort towards it.

Hopefully this insight has given you a glimpse of some new responses to life's hectic pace! It is o.k. to have a pity party or to get mad, but when we are constantly feeding those emotions we stay stuck.


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