Creating Peace of Mind


Three simple words often take for granted and yet, when we think of them words like:




...are the first things to pop into our heads.

Over the years I've noticed different stages women in particular go through when thinking of having Peace of Mind; maybe you will notice a bit of yourself in the story.


There are those who say:


"It would be great BUT, it's just not the way things work!" 

A.K.A - Survival mode: 

Just what it sounds like, you feel you are merely surviving each day. Doing your hardest to keep everything and one looking put together, and yet you turn your back for a moment only to find you are back at square one.

We all want to look like we have life figured out, but for the mom, in survival mode, this often begins to wear away at her both mentally and physically.

When this happens to have Peace of Mind is merely a fairytale


"How do I do it with everything else going on?" 

A.K.A. Coping Companion

Somehow you have managed to move out of surviving to coping and are wearing the badge of busyness well. Handling everyone and thing while cutting yourself some slack in order to keep your sanity. Days are filled with tolerating, the wants and needs of the family when they are not yours. 

You are doing your best to be the good mother and wife you had been taught to be, and yet something is missing

Having Peace of Mind sounds like something you would like, but you're just not sure how to go about it.


"It's time to bring some more of this into my life."

A.k.a The Visionary!

Somewhere inside of you, a spark appeared and ignited the most wonderful of all ideas a mother could have. You've realized how important it is for a you to find balance.  Life is no longer about work, family obligations and being responsible for it all. 

When a person can hear their voice above the noise of daily life, the world changes. Truly.

Most likely the Visionary has already tasted a bit of this it just hasn't been aware because it is not a common goal.

Now you know it's not a fairytale, but a POSSIBILITY!


how can it become a reality?!

Take a moment and BREATHE. Don't rush it or make it longer than it has to be. (When the chatter in your head stops, but before it starts again)

Imagine having Peace of Mind and THINK about what three words you would use to describe it

Begin to CREATE as many moments in the day based on these three words. 


For instance, if one of the words was Trust, where do you need to let go and trust?  
Yes, I know this could be a bit scary, but if that is truly one of the ways you would gain Peace of Mind, then it's time to give it a try. 

Learning to let go and trust yourself or someone else is a gift. Even if there is failure there is learning that would never have occurred if things stayed the same. Build on each moment. Just like when you learned how to ride a bike. It was a bit wobbly at first but you learned.

Bonus tip: 

Challenge yourself to stop holding back and find your voice. 

When I bring this up with clients, the first thing I hear is "Oh, I could never do/say that?"  WHAT! Granted there is always compromise, but you should let your opinion be heard.

It's not about arguing, but more about not being afraid of your thoughts and words. We have been raised and groomed to think and act in certain ways, however we are all different.  Being different isn't bad, it's just different.

When you find our voice, you will realize you already have Peace of Mind.


If this is something that interests you, please let me know. STARTING MAY 23, 2017 the PEACE of MIND MOVEMENT will be opening its doors to help support Moms as they find their voices and gain peace of mind in the process.




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