Changing your life without exercise or eating healthy!

YES! There's a better way to live and it doesn't involve exercise, eating clean or changing your schedule. In fact, any change you decide to make was because you WANTED to not because you HAD to.

It doesn't sound very realistic, does it? 


But it is completely possible; I'm living proof.

I'm a mom to 2 teens, wife, an entrepreneur, Life Coach, Reiki Master, friend, sister, daughter, dog owner, volunteer, family scheduler, carpool, nurse, vet, cook, etc... and I'm not ready to give up my free time to work out (yet).

Something tells me your life is pretty similar.


So how did I do it?  

I started thinking and feeling instead of just accepting. I listened to how people were saying things not what they were saying. Noticed how I wanted to feel versus how I felt. But I think the biggest part was when I stopped living out of habit.

Here is what I began to notice:

When it's a good day and have energy, I can see opportunities; I have TONS of patience and feel the natural give and take of the day. 

However, if something interrupts my world I immediately become a hard-core victim with no energy at all. It takes me a bit to climb the latter, assess the situation to arrive in the land of opportunity again.

I've learned to use my strengths to pull me out of that self-absorbed funk. (I am not a fan of funk)

Take for instance this morning.  I had insomnia last night and needed to get up early today.  In the past, this would have put me in a pretty crumby mood all day, and rightly so.  Knowing this, and knowing I don't like feeling that way I was able to create a different path.  -  I'm still tired, but I'm not angry or playing the victim.  - Why because I'm choosing not to! 

I've decided to see this an opportunity to go a little slower and take care of projects in a different order than before. And you know what! It turned out to be a pretty o.k. day!

Have you picked up on the secret?

Recognizing Our Energy  

When we have very little energy all, we can do is to use it to protect ourselves. Leaving us feeling like a victim, survivor or angry. At times mustering only enough to lash out before we retract again or give a whimper so that we can get a bit of sympathy.

On the other hand, the greater our energy more expansive life becomes.  We want to help others; we have ideas and options. The world becomes a land of opportunities. We genuinely feel better!


The cool thing happens when you understand what feeds your energy you can use that to respond to any situation you want! 


Life starts to improve because you are choosing how you respond to/create life, instead of reacting/accepting it. 

And like magic, you learn to create boundaries,
release old ideas, and develop strong relationships

In a day you may...

Feel stuck  -  I want you to notice what is missing more than what needs to change. Then shift your thinking in a positive direction. 

Find yourself in a loop that keeps repeating itself - Try to learn what energy is being fed, that doesn't work for you.  We often develop habits of thought to protect ourselves then set them to autopilot, forgetting to take control and change course.

Get your buttons pushed? Identify what the core thought/feeling is. Most of the time is has nothing to do with the person pushing the button and a lot to do with something in the past.

Someone once said, "Most humans live 95% subconsciously."  I'm not sure if that's true, but I do believe we tend to take the easier path even if it doesn't make us happy.

The best part of recognizing your energy is that it doesn't add time to your day, yo will feel the change and I bet those closest to you will too.

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