6 Steps for Getting Back on Track when Someone Interrupts Your World

6 Steps for Getting Back on Track
when Someone Interrupts Your World

Thank goodness hurricane season is just about over! 

But, It makes me wonder how often are "Our Wants" thrown off course by the storms in our everyday, average lives? 

Do you ever take a moment to readjust your thinking OR are you an all or nothing kind of gal and keep moving but feel battered and bruised? 

I would say I'm a 90/10 split; sometimes that 10% hits me like a ton of bricks. It can throw me off course for weeks until shakes me loose. Other times I can feel it and have the energy to fight. 

This seems to be a theme recently. In the last week, I've spoken to 4 women who have felt blindsided by how other people are affecting Their lives.

Which is why I'm sharing my secret weapon.

These 6 steps help me get back on course as quickly as possible.

1. Acknowledge what’s going on and don’t deny yourself the pain

2. Write out the issue (VENT) Include as much petty & insignificant details as you can. Really get it all out

3. Then get out all the details about yourself that are True (TAKE BACK YOUR STRENGTH ) I Am…….

4. Next, write out what You Want – Clear as day! (FOCUS)

5. Then Rip the paper up and throw it in the garbage!

6. REPEAT this process daily - After about the 3rd day I’m back on course.

I do not consider myself a writer or someone who likes to journal BUT I AM someone who lives in my head.

Getting all my thoughts and emotions out on a piece of paper allows me to move on as I choose to - AND NOT with a gut reaction - (‘Coz that gut an’t pretty)

So give it a try next time an outside force/person disrupts your life and tell me how it goes! How many papers did you need to throw out? 

Maybe Save this post, so you have it!


AND IF THIS Doesn't help - Reach out and lets use one of my Free Mini Sessions to get you back on Track!



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