Ditch the New Year's Resolution!

Ever since I was a kid, I hated New Year's Resolutions. There was so much pressure to come up with one. Everyone talked about them begrudgingly, with the "Have to, Need to or Should do" and if they weren't saying it, you could see it in their body language. Why would anyone choose to create one? From this perspective, it only breeds negativity.

So for years, I simply didn't do it. I just lived my life as it came, making adjustments as needed. That is, until a few years ago when a good friend told me about how she creates themes for each year.  She went on to explain how it broadened her perspective. For instance, if her theme were in a title of a book, she would read it. Where ever she spotted her "theme", she would try it, and in doing so not only brought what she wanted to attract to her life but also brought fun, excitement and curiosity, 

Choosing a Theme for the Year was such a refreshing change and the spark I needed to start my year off, so I tried it.  First with Focused Direction - I spotted it everywhere, but what blew me away was a paragraph in one of Tim Elmore's books titled "Focused Direction" stating the exact reason I had named the business. I was hooked. I love this new way of starting off the year. The following year, my theme was "ME".  We all need to clean ourselves up, clear out the cobwebs discover new interests. That year it was my turn. It was so much fun that I had an overflow that I'm still working on! 

It was that year I saw the 3 clear difference between a New Year's Resolution and creating a Theme for the New Year.

Theme of the Year

New Year's Resolution

  1. Attracting abundance created from a place of learning

  2. There is no guilt because you are continuously looking to bring it into your life, not forced to sustain it. (Sometimes it feels more like a game)

  3. Broadens our perspective, keeping you open to new ideas

  1. Forced, created from a place of lacking

  2. Starts off hot, but then goes out because of guilt that it couldn't be sustained

  3. Limits to how you define it.

Creating Your 2016 Theme!

  1. Look around, you may already be attracting it.

  2. Don't limit yourself to a phrase. It can be a simple word, idea, or feeling too. 

  3. Make sure it feels "right" in your gut, and gets you excited. 

  4. Write it down!!! Keep it by your toothbrush (See it first thing in the morning and the last thing at night). It helps your subconscious to be alert for opportunities.

Positive themes make all the difference and can pull you out of the inevitable slumps!  So you can not use: No, not, can't, won't... you get the point. 


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