Tips to STOP the NOISE!

Do you ever just wake up one day and realize the world has been screaming in your face? The worst part is you were totally sucked in until that moment.

You minded your own business, barely holding on to all the things you needed to do, and there was a tornado of noise swirling around sucking you deeper and deeper into things that are pulling you away from sanity.

I was recently in this tornado; I have no idea how long. It could have been days or months, it all seems to blur together. But, an outside force came, and it was decision time - Continue my path of constant stress, fear of missing out, and a brain on information overload OR make a conscious choice to change. 

When you realize you've hit the point, things have to change. Knowing the world isn't going to change, I needed to change how I showed up in it.

My answer, stay in the eye of the storm and watch the world spin, around me. After doing this for a couple of days, a few things emerged.

Suddenly, I realized laying on the couch and hugging my daughters, as we watched TV, was more important than talking to them. - We talk ALL the time, these daily talks of worries, concerns, commitments became family noise. I realized we don't always have that warm snuggle that tells each other; you are loved.

Next, while picking up my computer it hit me. When you use Social Media for personal as well as business, they know your hot spots of interesting information. This had to stop: I needed to do things on my time, not theirs. So I've started to save information for when I'm ready to read. FB has a great option to save articles! There is also the app Pocket.  With both of these options, you can come back and review whatever catches your eye. Not feeling rushed to read some me breathing room not to get sucked into the information tornado.

The last skill I dusted off was knowing what is IMPORTANT to me RIGHT NOW. Cut through the flying debris, of the need to, have to, and should do. It is about living in the moment. For instance, the most important thing is getting in the car. It is not thinking about the traffic. When sitting in the traffic, it is not worrying about something we have no control over. What is important may be letting someone know you are going to be late or talking to your daughter/son.

These are my tips for stopping the noise.

  1. Make a point of showing the people in your house they are loved (maybe in a special way you don't normally do)
  2. Use technology to save everything you want to come back to
  3. Know what is important is RIGHT NOW. I'll admit it is hard at times. I truly feel the pull of the tornado trying to suck me back in. But now I know how quiet and peaceful it can be. It is no longer as though I'm missing out because it was my choice to stop the noise.

So, to not add to the noise I will simply say. If the noise is getting to you, reach out and call me. We will create tips personalize for you.