6 Steps for Getting Back on Track when Someone Interrupts Your World

6 Steps for Getting Back on Track
when Someone Interrupts Your World

Thank goodness hurricane season is just about over! 

But, It makes me wonder how often are "Our Wants" thrown off course by the storms in our everyday, average lives? 

Do you ever take a moment to readjust your thinking OR are you an all or nothing kind of gal and keep moving but feel battered and bruised? 

I would say I'm a 90/10 split; sometimes that 10% hits me like a ton of bricks. It can throw me off course for weeks until shakes me loose. Other times I can feel it and have the energy to fight. 

This seems to be a theme recently. In the last week, I've spoken to 4 women who have felt blindsided by how other people are affecting Their lives.

Which is why I'm sharing my secret weapon.

These 6 steps help me get back on course as quickly as possible.

1. Acknowledge what’s going on and don’t deny yourself the pain

2. Write out the issue (VENT) Include as much petty & insignificant details as you can. Really get it all out

3. Then get out all the details about yourself that are True (TAKE BACK YOUR STRENGTH ) I Am…….

4. Next, write out what You Want – Clear as day! (FOCUS)

5. Then Rip the paper up and throw it in the garbage!

6. REPEAT this process daily - After about the 3rd day I’m back on course.

I do not consider myself a writer or someone who likes to journal BUT I AM someone who lives in my head.

Getting all my thoughts and emotions out on a piece of paper allows me to move on as I choose to - AND NOT with a gut reaction - (‘Coz that gut an’t pretty)

So give it a try next time an outside force/person disrupts your life and tell me how it goes! How many papers did you need to throw out? 

Maybe Save this post, so you have it!


AND IF THIS Doesn't help - Reach out and lets use one of my Free Mini Sessions to get you back on Track!



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To Embrace or Wallow, that is the Question!

To Embrace or Wallow,  that is the Question!

Ever just have that moment when you realize you are stuck in a rut?  Whether it be work, daily routine, personal style or relationships.

With a life in constant motion, we often don't give ourselves time to realize what is going on. Yet our lives feel almost like we're trying to run through muck. It's hard, draining, and if you take a moment to look at yourself, it's messy.

The Power of Believing

The Power of Believing

Have you ever looked into the Power of Believing? There is so much to learn. Everything from prayer to Law of Attraction + all that's in-between.

In the past 15 years I've come to realize a few things. The biggest being, I love learning and reading about everything out there to help myself and others. I honestly can't tell you the number of webinars, books, and programs I've gone through because I lost track. 

There is so much information available to us to use as tools to help us.

And that right there lies the problem.

Creating Peace of Mind

Creating Peace of Mind


Three simple words often take for granted and yet, when we think of them words like: 
Calm, Uncluttered, Safety, Trust, Hope

Over the years I've noticed different stages women in particular go through when thinking of having Peace of Mind; maybe you will notice a bit of yourself in the story.

There are those who say:

Meditation.... Mindfulness.... it is NOT for me!

Meditation.... Mindfulness....  it is NOT for me!

'm going to start with a bit of my story because it is very similar to many of the people I meet.  You see, I saw mediating as a New Age practice that "woo-woo" people did. It made me uncomfortable just thinking about it! Although I was curious about people found these practices so helpful, I felt they were not for me.

Helping Yourself and Child Through Emotional Times

Helping Yourself and Child Through Emotional Times

Over the past month, there have been multiple occasions where moms have reached out to for advice. Their child is at a point of emotional turmoil, and as a parent, these women feel helpless, yet they want their child to be strong and see past the moment. It's a common theme of what should I do?

I know this struggle well! In fact, it also happened in our house this week, and I almost

How Did I Get Here? A lesson in course correcting our everyday lives

How Did I Get Here? A lesson in course correcting our everyday lives

How did we even get here?

This is a thought most people have at some point in their lives. It seems these brief moments of reflection are all that we allow ourselves before moving out of the discomfort they bring.

But why?  

Let's just say it happened and it is time to move on is doesn't matter because we can't go back it time.