When people tell me they need a "Fresh Perspective" it means they already have a pretty good sense of what is going on. The just can't make their brain change it's thinking. It is as if it has created a wall. 

So what do we do?
We play a game of course! 

In this process, I combine a coaching tool with specific questions to create a puzzle of sorts for your brain to figure out.

In less than an hour, you are ready to go about your day!


How does it help:

Brains love to protect the status quo, but they also love solutions. By playing a "game" that is visual it lets down its guard, and while it's busy playing You are left to think clearly and freely.  

In other words, this forces you to think outside of YOUR box with a new Point of View.

Maybe a bit unorthodox but a fun, stress-free way to try out coaching

Wow, this was fun! I can’t believe I was so blocked around what needed to get done. It is crazy how the right cards came up for me! Sooooo interesting. - Dawn


What do you get?

  • Unexpected realizations
  • Crazy coincidences 
  • Clear insight with little effort
  • 3 Specific ways you will work at your desired outcome
  • Coaching: 
    • Around 45 minutes of Coaching (some are done in 30 minutes)
    • One "Round" of coaching questions around the area you are stuck
    • 3 Supportive emails