This option starts with the foundation of all my coaching.

It is called the Energy Leadership Assessment. The energy it talks about is your general energy for life in a normal and stressful day. The leadership is your ability to consciously make choices throughout your day. Together they act like a mirror creating an attitudinal assessment.

The information you get back is eye opening, but our conversation around the findings are what brings things into focus.
By being open and honest you are able to see patterns in your Thoughts which then create Feelings which lead to Action/In-action.



It is like waking up! All of a sudden you start realizing what's going you will hear yourself say "That's why I do that!" or "No wonder why ______ is so important to me!"  Which is perfect for what is coming next.

Once we go over the assessment you will be working with the Law of Being self guided program. Over the course of 16 weeks, it teaches you how to discover who you are at your core, and provides you support as you do so. As your coach, I will help you develop action plans to implement the changes you’d like to make in life, holding you accountable and being a partner in this exciting adventure you’ve undertaken. 

“I remembered being this creative, audacious kid growing up but somewhere along the line I allowed life to dictate to me who I should be and how I should view my responsibilities (and obligations!). I guess I stopped being me.  Now, I’m enjoying my children, my husband, and my work too.  Life is a game and I’m playing it instead of it playing me for the first time ever.”  - Gwen


What do you get?

  • Coaching:
    • Energy Leadership Assessment (20 minutes online)
    • Coaching Session Debrief to bring life to the assessment (an hour, maybe a little more)
    • 8 Bi-Weekly emails
  • Law of Being Package:
    • 16 week self-guided program
    • 11 Audio CDs where Dr. Bruce D. Schneider explains the concepts, principles, and exercises to help you make the Law of Being work for you to create, abundance in happiness, health, wisdom and wealth. 
    • 225 page Full Color Workbook (I LOVE the short weekly challenges)
    • Journal (I found having this very helpful)
  • Personally:
    • Let go of the thoughts weighing you down
    • Learn how to let go of judgement and worry
    • Handle conflict
    • Attract more happiness
    • Feel mentally healthier
    • The freedom to work this program on your schedule
    • Take as much time as you need to let the information soak in
    • It combines Audio, Visual and Physical ways of learning and processing
    • You will still have contact with me if you need help


(Special note: The CDs, workbook and journal are yours and can be revisited at any time. Thus reducing the cost of any future FOCUSED DIRECTION Law of Being Program)