Admitting you need help but don't know where to start is often the best place to begin.

Why, because you are letting go of control and are open to receiving help.


Here we go!

What you will be doing is the foundation of all my coaching.

It is called the Energy Leadership Assessment. The energy it talks about is your general energy for life in a normal and stressful day. The leadership is your ability to make choices throughout your day consciously. Together they act like a mirror creating an attitudinal assessment.

The information you get back is eye opening, but our conversation around the findings are what brings things into focus.
By being open and honest, you can see patterns in your Thoughts which then create Feelings which lead to Action/Inaction.


How does this help?

It is a wake-up call! Your subconscious behaviors have been creating a warped perception of reality. Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You are always helpful. YET... Ever notice when you turn around for help - no one is there?
  • It's hard to trust that things will get done, so you take charge and control.
  • Areas you playing small so as not to rock the boat?
  • Life is always proving you right about something.
“Here I came to you about struggles at work. I never thought my work issues stemmed from my relationship with my husband! Clearly, that needs to be addressed first!” - LeighAnn



What you get:

  • Energy Leadership Assessment (20 minutes online)
  • Coaching Session Debrief (an hour, maybe a little more)
  • Clear areas that you can work on - You will have your starting point and a whole lot more!